Sheila's Corner

Sheila's Corner

Hi everyone,

Right now, what with it being such a challenging time for everyone. More and more people have actually found these lockdown months and weeks as quite a reflective time, as we’ve moved through the initial fear and for the most part knuckling down and getting on with things. We’ve come to realise what is most important in life and each eperienced out own spiritual journey. With that being said; this month im going to focusing on the third eye.

The third eye is mystical and best explained as an invisible eye. Located on the forehead, this provides perception beyond ordinary sight. This wonderful chakra allows for clear thought, clarity, spiritual contemplation and as I mentioned earlier even self reflection. Being the highest chakra in our physical body it can allow us to see true perspective helping to understand what our own reality is and our unique belief of what and how we choose to see the world around us .

So it’s truly amazing that because of what we have all been experiencing collectively more and more people are naturally reflecting on their own perspective. So it’s massively important that we don’t allow this chakra to become blocked. Any form of negativity, fatigue, ill-health or trauma can cause a chakra to become blocked stopping our energy from flowing the way that it should.

One remedy for rescuing a third eye blockage is simply meditation if you’ve tried this in the past and failed look at guided meditation which will help quieten your mind and channel your thoughts into the appropriate directions. Thankfully there are many meditations available on YouTube - even Alexa, if you have one can help you find meditations to follow. Sitting quietly in a peaceful well ventilated room listening and following your own breathing can help quiet the mind and bring peace and calm. Any form of meditation can help bring balance. Crystals can help as sound therapy and energy healing. When you are struggling to balance, realign, unblock, you shoukd seek advisement of an energy healer, or professional.

So here’s to a forwardthinking; couldn’t resist it! Very well-balanced and insightful may.

As always with love

Sheila ????