Sheila's Corner

Sheila's Corner

This month we’re focusing on another of the chakras "The heart” we all know that this resonates with relationships and love of course. As spiritual beings we all require love - it’s been documented that tiny sick babies have been proven to go downhill fast when ill and deprived of human touch. Likewise, miraculous recoveries have happened as so called patience with no chance of survival have been brought back from the brink when held, cuddled and touched .

It’s no wonder then that the heart chakra governs every kind of love, from partner to friendship and everything in between. When this chakra is open and flowing healthy emotions and positive vibes can radiate through the earth’s atmosphere with a single smile.

It’s no surprise then that a closed heart chakra can cause distance and isolation, an inability to connect or form lasting relationships. This chakra is governed by two glorious colours green and/or pink. Crystals in these two wonderful nurturing hues can help to balance and heal a broken or neglected heart chakra .

It’s important that this chakra stays unblocked for any and all important relationships especially the one we have with ourselves - it’s just as important to nurture self worth and self love as it is so expressed. How can you expect to give it to others if you can not give it to yourself?  

If you're struggling to form or maintain healthy connections, surround yourself with warm pinks and healing green crystals, wear clothing in similar tones ,and don’t be afraid to do a little work on yourself. They say charity begins at home. Love grows from within our own self belief system, if we believe we are lovable we will be loved ... you get the picture. So this June do something heart warming for yourself, nurture your inner child and smile at a stranger to spread the love starting with yourself first .!

Whilst trying to be our true selves it’s as important to accept our imperfections, give and receive love in its most authentic form and genuine love will always flow through our energy centres and radiate positive vibes. After all, love makes the world go round. And when everthings said and done, if we have the ability to give and receive this beautiful emotion we are all truly blessed.

With love as always sheila ????