Sheila's Corner

Sheila's Corner

Hello everyone, 

This month I’d like to focus on the solar plexus chakra, which to me personally is one of the most  important! Situated under your breast bone. The colour associated with this chakra is golden  yellow, a colour I’ve particularly had problems or issues with my whole life.  

Long story short, as a child three or four years old whilst on holiday we went to an open-air wrestling match, that's a strange thing to take a small child to you might say? But back in the day  it was all staged and all very theatrical and actually quite a lot of fun, however this particular year there was an influx of bugs, ladybirds, wasps, ants you name it anything with wings and legs they were there in droves. Because rain had been forecast for that afternoon/early evening, mum had  made me wear a bright yellow waterproof coat which at that time I was quite happy to wear, I felt like a yellow  Paddington! It was only as the evening drew on and swarms of every kind of insect you can imagine were seen collecting in their hundreds in anything brightly colored, especially yellow cars, shop doors, seaside attractions and yes even small Children named Sheila were covered  head to toe in flying and crawling insects whilst I didn’t mind ladybirds, ants, wasps, flying ants, flies and beetles ! were crawling all over this coat and I’ve had a thing about creepy crawlies ever since and hated the colour yellow…


It’s interesting then that the work I do now fully and completely involves me working through my  solar plexus which is golden yellow. It represents power, power and then more power, control, trust, Intuition and most importantly connection with your spiritual loved ones, spirit guides and your  higher self included. 

Self-confidence and self belief can also be associated . 

My whole life I’ve had issues with control and have always found myself up against either very  controlling manipulative or confrontational people. 

Bullied for several years in a different work environment made my life a misery and as an  adult I tackled it logically from every possible angle, only to 1 day have a lightbulb moment I  realised that this was very much about control, power mine!!! Not hers ! 

I was sent to Coventry, excluded from team events, humiliated in front of the whole team, ridiculed  and laughed at, hateful and spiteful comments were whispered in my ear or left in messages in my drawer, I was pushed, shoved, things spilled on me, oh very much accidentally of course!!? I was coming to work in tears, would wash my face, apply my make up and be professional as I  left for work I would cry the whole way home. This went on for six years. And now to that lightbulb  moment, as I walked Into my work environment suddenly everything became clear I realised that it  wasn’t how I handled any particular individual incident or who had the upper hand, it wasn’t  about ignoring her, turning the other cheek, just growing up and getting on with it, giving her as good as she gave me it was clear and simply about what I could control and that was whether I  stayed there or left. 

From that Moment on everything began to change. I spent six years fighting my solar plexus, the  gut feeling that kept telling me “you need to go!” I kept trying to rationalise things, telling myself I  have 99 reasons to stay in this amazing place and only one reason to go. Why should I go?. The  

The moment I realised this was about control, I let go of it. When I say everything in my life changed I cannot amplify that statement more. Situations that would normally take months, happened in days, things that normally took weeks happened in hours and before I knew it I was deposited on Selfridges’s doorstep in one of the biggest and most successful teams in the whole of the UK. I didn’t go to court and prosecute the bully despite my previous employer's insistence that they would pay all fees, instead I held my head up and let go of the stress that would’ve been  involved . 

Within a year of making that decision and thoroughly enjoying my job again I met Jayne and the  rest of Psychic Sisters. As they say, it is history now and that was 14 years ago. Now one of my favourite colours is golden yellow. I still don’t like bugs! But I try very hard to remember that lightbulb moment and what it taught me, now I trust myself, my intuition and my gut.

 I’ve been tested many, many times with people I love and people I don’t and the answer always comes back to the same thing: never ever doubt or miss trust your own feelings. Sometimes intuition can be confused with fear. Is that feeling just because I’m worried, just  because I’m fearful or is it actually reconnecting with a higher source through my solar plexus?  Easy answer is this fear will dissipate, in other words you can distract yourself from it, try to talk yourself out of it, but intuition will stick with you and the niggle will not go away no matter how you try to busy yourself  with other things. 

Obviously we connect with spirit and our higher self through other chakras as well but today I  very much wanted to share the story and the very obvious and I think very powerful message it 

hopefully delivers. So if you ever self doubt, or feel confused, go somewhere quiet go for a walk  somewhere beautiful I love the park or at the very least breathing some clean fresh air and quieten  your mind, take away every other thing then except for what’s in your gut, not what you’re  thinking or fearful of but what are you feeling if you do that you’re pretty much always have your  answer. 

Take care of you and fill your Solar Plexus with love filled golden light. 

Love as always sheila image