Sheila's Corner

Sheila's Corner

Hi everyone,

August - one of my favourite months! Not only because it happens to house my son’s birthday but  also my step grandson and my future daughter-in-law but because to me it’s just about happiness. This month for me represents summer sunshine and joy. 

All of my happy childhood memories are about holidays caravanning with my mum, dad  and siblings. When we’re all a little more relaxed; a little more open and approachable, it’s strange isn’t it - how the Sun makes everyone smile and feel more chilled, perhaps it’s the warmth or the vitamin D or maybe just because more people get out and about and enjoy themselves at this time of year. This month we are focusing on the base or root chakra, this is most commonly thought to be controlled by the colour red but some people will see it as dark brown or black all of which are  okay. 

Personally I see it as a truly rich gorgeous crimson. As the name suggests this chakra is there to  root us, ground us and connect us to Mother Nature. 

It’s important to always be grounded especially if you’re working spiritually in any capacity, “What ungrounds us?” Good question and the simple answer is anything from: literal leg or foot pain or problems, to negativity, fear of moving forward or a particularly challenging time in our life. Staying grounded will help give you the sense that you can cope, that you are capable of getting through this and also gives you a feeling of control, that you know where you stand within this situation. 

Way of grounding yourself:

1. magine magnets on the bottoms of your feet and magnets under the ground as you visualise and connect you will begin to feel more centred. 

2. Visualise roots coming from the soles of your feet, going deep down into the ground wrapping themselves around tree roots, the core of the Earth, crystals et cetera et cetera. 

3. It has been suggested wearing red socks, red shoes and red trousers can also help focus on that area. 

As this chakra is the first of the seven energy centres - it’s essential that you should start to heal this chakra first. Before any of the higher chakras can be unblocked as it links energy to the other six chakras, it’s always best to have healing or chakra blockages cleared by a professional. 

Love as always sheila image