Sheila's July blog

Sheila's July blog

Hello everyone

July has arrived and, to me, it heralds the true beginning of summer. Memories of childhood. Reminiscing on days gone by. This month is a time for letting down your hair and getting ready for the unwinding to begin.

As I look at people around me, I am reminded of what July represents to many. I think of the anticipation of early summer brides planning for the perfect summer wedding and children grinning from ear to ear as butterflies dance in tummies. waiting for holidays to start. I'm reminded of past summers where as children my friends and I would run through the sprinklers on hazy hot days and dribble delicious ice cream down our chins. Beautiful colour rich flowers fragrant and stunning as they show off their blooms.

These simple things cause reflection on many of the tragically sad events of late. Whilst our hearts go out to those lost or bereaved it reminds me to always be grateful for the simple things - the appreciation of a kind deed done, of a smile from or to a stranger and.being there for friends even when we're tired  and troubled ourselves.

The simplicity of those easy pleasures remind me of all the things I have to be grateful for. I love everyday rain or shine with every glorious ray of July sunshine. I think of how a simple summer’s day can remind us all of the things that really matter. The feel of warm summer, grass under bare toes, ice lollies licked, smiling children and wagging tailed dogs. July is the start of summer proper. The promise that every day has potential for us to help ourselves and others especially when they can't see the sunshine .

Love as always Sheila X