Sheila's May Blog

Sheila's May Blog

May is upon us and I don't know if it's the change in the weather or seeing little lambs in fields on the way not work but the air feels lighter there's a spring in my step and all’s well in the world.

Spring has truly sprung. The term ‘Mayday’ is an international term for help or rescue from ships, aircraft etc. May Day, the public holiday. was originally a spring festival. Dancing around the maypole! Don't get me started on that one. I have two left feet and have never been fairy-like of foot. So trying to coordinate feet, legs and going in the opposite direction around a pole with ribbons wearing borrowed plimsoles (I was always forgetting mine) two sizes too big and you kind of get the picture. My dance teacher never believed I was that disorganised. Ha ha. The trouble was I wanted to please. The harder I tried to get it perfect the more wrong I went. Usually sending my class mates into peels of laughter. Maybe it was those early experiences that taught me to laugh in the face of adversity. That and a daft sense of humour.

I remember being mortified that I kept getting it wrong and was scolded in front of a whole class of my peers. That was hard, especially when I really was trying.

And there's a lesson in that for us all I think. May Day was about celebration, flowers, cakes, music and dancing. It was also about allowing beautiful energy to ripple through and bring everyone together. Not about whether you were failing miserably but about smiling and having fun.

I try, now that I'm approaching dotage, ha ha ha to take life less seriously. I love this: laugh like your life depends on it, dance like no one’s watching, sing from your heart like no one can hear and live life to accept that our life should be a journey of self discovery. Learning to celebrate the good times with those we hold dear, to let go of the ribbons if your just getting tangled!

And to remember usually our best is good enough and if it is not then maybe you need to be sharing your mayday cake and flowers with those that love you two left feet or not Happy may holidays everyone 

Love as always Sheila xxx