Sheila’s October Blog

Sheila’s October Blog

Hi Everyone Well I guess we have admit that the summer is truly over. It’s wonderful though to make the most of those odd and very random sunshiny days, I think of this month as predominantly about Halloween - trick or treating, pumpkin carving and the like. This year I will be joining my step grandchildren, son and future daughter-in-law, as we parade the streets with pumpkin-shaped treat buckets in hand. I believe it’s compulsory that I dress up for the occasion.

It reminds me that life is filled with traditions that you either ignore or throw yourself into whole-heartedly. It made me think about not just tradition but the whole concept we so often just dont bother to involve ourselves with. Yet seeing those two little faces light up with glee after watching “Hocus Pocus” and deciding what character were all dressing up as, I concluded that maybe if we all made a little more effort with the small things the fun and smiles would spread.

I once celebrated Halloween in California. What a difference. It’s a huge holiday there. Pretty much everyone gets involved and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I wore an oversized black-tee with the word ‘Boo’, a wig and some sparkly eyelashes. I’m sure I looked a sight but every single person I walked past smiled and exchanged pleasantries. If only we could all adopt that fun energy it would surely make the challenging times in life a little less daunting.

This Halloween I’ll be participating in Halloween and in life!! 

Happy Halloween 

Love Sheila xxx