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Jewel tones and gilded leaves upon fragile looking trees, that I have to admit look a little forlorn as they gingerly cling to their remaining foliage. Winter is truly upon us. We had pumpkins and scary treats and tricks, and now comes the month for delicious baked potatoes dripping with butter and wrapped in foil, thick hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows filling our bellies as we watch stunning firework displays. 

Children’s happy faces filled with delight as rainbow explosions fill the sky! These are some of the joys associated with November. When I think of firework night I always smile because my birthday is the day before and the yummy treats mentioned above were a staple yearly treat. 

This year those happy childhood memories are beautiful and reminiscent of happy times. It’s with this in mind that I want to talk about family ties, traditions and what’s really important. It’s about letting go and forgiveness of the past, and I’m much like those November trees clinging on desperately to those last leaves.

It’s after much personal work that as a person who at first fears change ! I’m now slowly coming  around to the idea of embracing it, to trust that Mother Nature will perform magic and come  spring dress the now barren trees with emerald splendour. 

The world continues to evolve and grow, survive and even thrive and so will I, I’m going to watch  fireworks and watch the joy I see in my grandchild’s eyes as he munchies on soft marshmallows  and stares in wonder as the skies light up because he is proof that life continues in nature , and in  our hearts. I’ll try hard to forgive what needs to be forgotten, in others and in myself and in doing so will find joy and freedom.  

Whilst searching for quotes to help me keep in mind my goals, I found this and I’d like to share it,  “How others treat us, is their karma how we react is ours !” Happiness is a choice so I’m going to  try to roll with the punches, forgive what only hurts me to hold on to and trust that just like  

Mother Nature I will endure and happiness is within me ….. Marshmallow Anyone ? image

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