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Hello everyone, it's Christmas!

My favourite time of year as it’s my wedding anniversary but it is the time of year I magically turn into a huge child at the first sight of tinsel or sniff of mince pie.

I fall in love with the magic, sentiments attached and the delicious food of course. Who doesn’t love a thoughtful Christmas present ! As I have been gifted such beautiful grandchildren, for me it’s becoming purely about watching my grandchildren’s little faces light up with excitement, the smiles and giggles from joke presents which  hide a more thoughtful and poignant gift.

Everyone's hearts seem to be more open to love, which creates such a beautiful atmosphere, just love love love. We play games as a family, have nibbles and a little tipple and laugh and it’s magical. Christmas movies are a must, as a child it was the one time of year my parents never fought, perhaps that’s another reason my inner and outer child enjoy it so much.

This year more than most though it’s about love , forgiveness and gratitude Christmas Eve I always cleanse all my crystals, wrap all my gifts and say thankyou to my guides in a festive meditation. 

All my guides are family so it’s lovely and I feel very blessed to be alive. My New Year's resolution is to just be happy , in my own skin , to make every day as special as possible. I carry amethyst around my neck in the form of one of our infinity pendants that are sold at Psychic Sisters and I say this every morning .” How others treat us is their karma , how we respond is ours !”

Merry Christmas, everyone be kind xxx

imagelove as always sheila

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