Sheila's September blog

Sheila's September blog

Hello everyone

This month heralds the beginning of autumn and the gorgeous jewel toned hues of the changing trees as they shed their summer foliage. Reminding me of a stunning vision of Mother Nature. I imagine her as a timeless, ageless woman with constantly changing images: hair to the ground, tumbling incandescent waves and surrounding breath-taking features.

Reminding me that beauty is in all things. In all people no matter the stage of growth that person is in. There is always beauty somewhere to be found if you look hard enough.

September is birth month to both my mum and my husband. So a big shout out to all you Virgos out there. Also an image that reminds me of the nurturing element of Mother Nature.

Ensuring that no matter what we experience in life all things change. The good becomes amazing and opens up new pathways. For those going through challenging times the difficult too evolves and changes into progress. So as we charge excitedly into this new month, we witness the leaves turn into russet tones and greens become golds. We trust that in life too all things will change and that nature will always provide new shoots.

Love sheila x