Hi Everyone

I think of September as a jewel in nature’s crown. It is a time for change and growth, as nature’s greens become golds and russets. The seasons are changing, as conkers fall and crane flies soar above us, floating about like willowy airborne spiders, I have to constantly remind myself that they’re dive bombing me personally. Daddy Long Legs have always been my nemesis. I keep trying to see their beauty. It is not working……yet! I still run and scream at the first sight of them. 

September is the month of my husband’s birthday. Also my darling late mum’s too. Celebrating her life this year without her will be challenging to say the least. I know she’s happy in spirit, back with my dad where she always longed to be. I’m going to raise a glass, have some cake and try and grow from this whole experience on life’s journey. September will always remind me of her and of nature at her most beautiful. It is like a mature, beautiful woman changing from a party frock into a lush velvety robe. Like she is getting ready to wrap up, stay warm and do all the fun things that winter brings.

Enjoy our approach to Autumn.

Love as always