Sheila Young

Sheila Young

Hello everyone 

This Christmas is a little different because this is my 24th wedding anniversary. Christmas is my favourite time of year, for the first time in a long time i am contemplating the silly season alone I’m giving my son space to spend Christmas with his fiancé and their young kiddies in their new home, hubby has to work and mum is celebrating in spirit with dad, once i got past the bah humbug of it all i started to see it all in a different light.

Should i even bother getting the trees out ? (i decorate 3 .. I know ! Don’t even go there its a tradition what can i say )but just because  life took control of the destination, I can still have a say in how i spend the journey, 

I have put beautiful Crystals around the house. So I spent an hour cleansing them all and placed them around my home. My favourite is Mookite is a brilliant crystal for asserting change. Rose quartz for love. Amethyst for calm and mindfulness and Citrine for abundance.

Then just as i was so busy being ok with spending it alone the phone rings and my son says “mum what’s happening at Christmas are we coming to you or are you coming to us ? “ I had thought he needed to make his own plans “wouldn't be Christmas without you !”he said. just like that everything fell into place and i realised the minute we accept what we most fear, take back control and make the best that we can out of whatever situations we find ourself in , the faster the fear goes away. 

It’s the whole life lemons and lemonade scenario ...... you plan to make lemonade and if you embrace it sometimes you migh just end up with limoncello !!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas love as always sheila xx

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