Sheila Young April Blo

Sheila Young April Blo

I was born under the star sign of Scorpio, with moon and ascendant plus 3 other planets and a north node all in Scorpio. Which makes me a water sign. Trust me all those planets in Scorpio that's a whole lot of water. I'm every bit as emotional as you'd expect. Maybe that why I'm fascinated by April. This month reminds me instead of being self critical to ask myself - Why am I so soft-hearted? Why am I so in touch with my emotions? Why do I cry at sad films? Sometimes poems, books and greeting cards can bring tears if the words hit a chord. It's not just tears of sadness. Far from it. A stunning painting. An amazing performance. Even a child taking its first steps and soulfully gazing at mum or dad for approval. Weddings. Funerals. Births. I know I could never get through a whole ‘Lassie’ film without sobbing.
April makes me picture a beautiful maiden whose tears fill pools, rivers, lakes and even oceans. A free spirit who doesn't hold back or hold on to anything unwanted. I may be a big softie but instead of berating myself or trying to change I need to see myself more like this month. I need to appreciate that human emotion as a way of expressing some of that water . An emotion genuinely expressed from the heart can be as poetic as the most beautifully written words. Next time I get caught in a shower I will remember how good I feel once the outpouring has finished. I try to instill how important it is to just sometimes ride the storm and let out those feelings. Sometimes we are needed to be strong and let the tears flow in private. I'm working on that one! And sometimes we have to remember it's ok to release to let go.
So for me, April and its cleansing showers are a reminder that it's ok to be exactly who we are. Much of my life has been about trying to change me. To hold in the emotional side and control it. Now I realise my dad was half Italian, I’m a triple Scorpio, menopausal woman. Maybe I need to just accept that s me! I can after all no sooner stop emoting than I can dry up April. It's about being considerate, appropriate of course. Most of all it's about being true to yourself..
As always lots of love and f you need to rant or rave or simply let go come and see me wear wellies and bring an umbrella and let the showers commence xxx  

Kind Regards

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