Give yourself a spiritual makeover - and start the year feeling fabulous - by trying these super-simply crystal tips to maximise your luck and confidence...

Meeting new people: Turquoise

Synonymous with love, luck and friendship this stunning crystal is an absolute must for anyone who finds themselves feeling very shy, anxious or insecure around new people. Simply keep one with you each day - or wear a Turquoise bracelet or necklace to any social gatherings - to boost your confidence, and help you make friends.

Finding love: Ruby

This beautiful crystal has enchanted people’s hearts for centuries, and is thought to super-charge your confidence when it comes to finding love. Try writing a list of everything you’re looking for in a partner, and placing it on your windowsill (or by some flowers). Place your crystal on your list, and read through it every night while holding the Ruby by your heart.

Confidence at work: Tiger’s Eye

Make sure you wow your bosses - or any potential employers - this year by holding a Tiger’s Eye in your hand, and rubbing it any time you need some extra courage and confidence. The gem’s thought to maximise your inner-strength and confidence, and will prevent you from feeling overshadowed - or intimidated - by others.

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