Summer Is Here by Sheila

Summer Is Here by Sheila

Here we go everyone

Summer is here. Well about time I say! After a very random May and June, weather wise. Hopefully brighter days are here for a while.

Ever noticed how people smile more when its sunny? There’s something about unburdening ourselves of our clothes (don't get too excited! Not all of them ha ha). But as we lighten ourselves and bare A LITTLE more flesh it’s as though our soul feels lighter somehow. People feel less covered up obviously and I often wonder if in making ourselves a little more open in this way it actually helps us to be more free socially. There probably isn't anything scientific here but I feel different when I’m not all hunkered up in coats and gloves, scarves, etc.

A recent trip to the beautiful Cornish coast levelled my head for sure. Sea breezes, long walks, gazing at stunning scenery and chalky cliffs. Gazing over azure, turquoise limitless, everlasting, wide, tumultuous, mighty, fruitful seas inhaling the salty air and absorbing warm, golden sun will do that for you. 

It gave me sudden, relentless clarity. A connection to something so vast it almost took my breath away. It made me certain of the new path I need to follow. Instead of feeling weird about my fifties, urgh!, I suddenly realised this is a whole new effervescent episode. I’m eating in a whole new way. I’m learning to love myself. For who I am and I think I may just be starting to like my life again. After a bereavement that shook me to my core. Somehow those sparkling cobalt and healing green waters washed over me and revealed hope that it’s ok to move on and be happy.

So I’m remembering those I’ve loved and lost. I am enjoying the memories and challenges of loving them. I am looking into a whole new future full of opportunities

Love Sheila xx