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An aura is the energy field that is believed to surround every living being (including plants and animals). Most of the time, the aura is seen as layers of colour around the subject. Becoming an aura reader is something that takes a considerable amount of practice. Some people are born with the ability, but anyone can learn it. This article is for beginners with an open mind.


WHAT ARE AURAS? Auras are believed to be intangible energy fields that surround each of us. The predominant colours in your aura are associated with different personality traits and states of mind. While it’s generally believed that auras contain many colours, one is often most prominent.

Colour Therapy

I love colour and I use this most days to change my mood, especially when I'm feeling anxious or have something special to do. If I need to wear a colour that I wouldn't normally wear, I will improvise by wearing that colour underwear. Recently I had a lot of emotional clients. So I needed green. I'm not a green person, so I used bloodstone all day and this keeps my emotions strong. Try this as it works so well. This is my morning routine.

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We have different readers at our London Branch, all have there own unique specialities.

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