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Mad As A March Hare

March always reminds me of Mother’s Day. It will be odd this year without my mum but i will try my best to stay positive and enjoy being one myself, A lovely month to appreciate whomever brought you into the world. Be it with a beautiful gift, a thoughtful cup of tea in bed or some freshly picked flowers.

Happy New Year by Sheila

Hello Everyone Well here we go again! But do you know what - I don’t know if it’s getting up early with my wonderful, crazy Rottie (Rocky) to take him for an early morning walk or whether I’ve just had an amazing awakening but somehow this new year was different, I shared personal loses with you (my mum) and gains (baby grandson).

Postivity Jar

If we can connect to positive, happy thoughts and processes we can feel happier in our lives. There are a great many techniques we can use. These are powerful, yet simple options for you to try. Not all techniques suit everyone. So find what works for you.

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Oceanic Tarot Course - Eights - Week 9

Jul 4, 2020

Every week i will help you to connect to the Tarot. This week we look at the Minor Arcana Cards starting with the Eights First open your Chakras. By now you should be starting to get a handle of the cards and a connection is forming. The more you work with them the stronger the connection becomes.

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