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April with Sheila

April with Sheila


Hi everyone  Thank heaven for spring, can’t quite believe it’s March already or how quickly this year in particular seems to have flown by. I love this time of year not only because hopefully were saying goodbye to a lot of miserable weather that because with the spring and each new daffodil or Babybird we spot we are reminded that no matter our personal situations or challenges just as the seasons unfold life continues to move forward.

Sheila Young

Hello everyone  This Christmas is a little different because this is my 24th wedding anniversary. Christmas is my favourite time of year, for the first time in a long time i am contemplating the silly season alone I’m giving my son space to spend Christmas with his fiancé and their young kiddies in their new home, hubby has to work and mum is celebrating in spirit with dad, once i got past the bah humbug of it all i started to see it all in a different light.

Sheila’s October Blog

Hi Everyone Well I guess we have admit that the summer is truly over. It’s wonderful though to make the most of those odd and very random sunshiny days, I think of this month as predominantly about Halloween - trick or treating, pumpkin carving and the like. This year I will be joining my step grandchildren, son and future daughter-in-law, as we parade the streets with pumpkin-shaped treat buckets in hand. I believe it’s compulsory that I dress up for the occasion !


Hi Everyone I think of September as a jewel in nature’s crown. It is a time for change and growth, as nature’s greens become golds and russets. The seasons are changing, as conkers fall and crane flies soar above us, floating about like willowy airborne spiders, I have to constantly remind myself that they’re dive bombing me personally. Daddy Long Legs have always been my nemesis. I keep trying to see their beauty. It is not working……yet! I still run and scream at the first sight of them.


Hello Everyone, Please let me start by saying a huge Thank You to all my clients, who gave me the most kind and amazing messages of comfort and support on the sad loss of my mum recently. It meant a great deal. Thank you.

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Hello everyone February is here again and this year is very exciting, as Jayne, three of the sisters and I are jetting off to do readings at the Conscious Mind Exhibit in good old California. So a little bit different than previous years. February for me instantly smacks me in the face and says Valentine’s Day.

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Hello everyone, Well Christmas has come and gone and it is the beginning of a new year!

Sheila October blog

Hi everyone October is here and with it a flurry of excitement because Jayne’s birthday is coming and it’s a special one .....yes you guessed it she's 21! We're all off to Paris for the day to celebrate. How cosmopolitan is that!

Sheila's July blog

Hello everyone July has arrived and, to me, it heralds the true beginning of summer. Memories of childhood. Reminiscing on days gone by. This month is a time for letting down your hair and getting ready for the unwinding to begin.

Sheila's May Blog

May is upon us and I don't know if it's the change in the weather or seeing little lambs in fields on the way not work but the air feels lighter there's a spring in my step and all’s well in the world.

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