The Clairs

The Clairs
Do you ever feel, hear or know something is going to happen before it does? When we first begin to experience such abilities we have no name for them. We call them gut instinct, intuition, just knowing and many more terms. There are a number of 'Clairs' and each has it's place in your spiritual tool kit. You may have one, two or more but will usually find one is more pronouned than the rest. The following will provide some information on the main 'Clairs'. In these terms 'Clair' means clear and is then followed by the ability.
Translates as Clear Seeing. If you often see images or pictures then your main gift may be visual. The images may be during meditation, sleep, day dreaming or just in your mind. When you tap into this you may find a yearning not only to use in your psychic development but also to pursue a visual hobby such a painting. 
Translates as Clear Hearing. You may sense or glean information when you hear words, sounds or songs in your head. A lot of people have an inner dialogue but specific audio signals or sounds can indicate your Clairaudience ability. You may find yourself drawn to an audio based career or hobby such as music.
Translates as Clear Feeling. You may walk into a room or place and sense things. You may be around people and feel their emotions. Do you feel other's pain? You may be around someone and take an instant dislike to them. Your emotions can feel changeable also as you sense what is going on for those around you. This sense manifests more as feeling or knowing things.
Translates as Clear Smelling. You may find that some smells conjure some emotions or memories. You may pick up smells or aromas that are too faint for others to notice. If you smell aromas but cannot understand where they are coming from try to think what they remind you of. It could be a signal of some event or happening. 
Translates as Clear Tasting. Certain tastes may conjure up certain memories or feelings. Even when you have not placed anything in your mouth. If you get any tastes focus on whether you have tasted them before and when. If it has come up now then there is a good reason.
Translates as Clear Knowing. This is when you just know something. It feels right. You know totally that it is true. It is spontaneous. Do you feel you know something is going to happen? You can feel something good or bad is coming? Do you know who is calling before the phone rings? If you feel you know something then wait and see when it comes true. 
Your guides or spirit may use any of the above methods to connect or impart information to you. One ability may be dominant. However, it may work in conjunction with the others. Guides and spirit will work with what they can to connect to you. You may find as you develop these skills certain sounds, tastes, smells or images may direct you to particular people, places or events that resonate with you. So you may experience them regularly once they have a relevance to you.
Testing Your Dominant Sense
Sit in a room. Close your eyes. Breathe in slowly and deeply though your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on your environment. Scan around the room. Spend a few minutes doing that. Then slowly bring your awareness back into your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes. When you are fully back in your body slowly open your eyes. What did you feel, notice, smell, taste, hear, see? Whatever came across strongest is probably your strongest sense. 
Using Them
When you begin to develop these abilities perhaps keep a journal. Record what information you can. Record where you felt, saw, smelt the experience. Try and work out how you felt it. This will hep guide you into making full use of your gifts. Enjoy the journey.

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