There are 22 cards in the tarot’s major arcana. Major Arcana cards show turning points, so take note of these cards when they come up in a reading. They offer deep insight when you’re at a crossroads, and help you recognise key events that hold potential for you to grow and learn. The minor arcana cards (see page xx) tell you more about specific people and day-to-day events. Together, the major and minor arcana cards – the whole deck – can help you tell the story of your life from a past, present and future perspective.

Each major arcana card is overseen by an angel. The angel’s title is a message: it beckons you toward the card’s meaning. Some of these angel titles prompt us toward a solution, too. For example, The Devil card, meaning control, addiction or restriction, is governed by the Angel of Freedom, because you do have a choice to free yourself from any commitment that doesn’t serve you.

You can work with just the major arcana cards when laying out your cards, such as for the Seven Angels of the Week (see page xx), and the Daily Advice card. Also if card-reading is new to you, you may find that the rich images on the majors really get your ideas and intuition flowing. You may also find that when you’re comfortable with all the majors, it becomes easier to read the minor arcana – for example, all the Kings of the minor suits are aspects of IV The Emperor, and all the Queens are aspects of III, the Empress – the mother and father cards of the tarot.

The Fool: Angel of Innocence

KEYWORDS Beginnings, spontaneity, faith, adventure, fearlessness, freedom, risk, potential

The Fool is yet to realise who he is. His innocence and thirst for knowledge compel him to explore, regardless of the challenges that may lay ahead. The wonders that the world holds for him may blind our Fool to the risks, but he acts upon his ideals and does not let over-thinking stop him. He will journey ahead, fearless, and travels light: he carries only the bare necessities with him, and ignores the creature at his heels, warning him that there might be danger.

Meaning The Fool marks the beginning of journey - a new experience and potentially a new you. There’s an opportunity to grasp, and it offers freedom and adventure, but to begin, you’ll need to check that what you’re doing is practical - and then take a leap of faith. The card can also come up to show younger people leaving home, and it also expresses the urge to do something eccentric and unconventional, whatever your age.

Power Message You have a brilliant opportunity to begin anew. Know that you can realise your potential if you take an informed risk.

“I honour my longing to explore, and have faith I will find what I need, wherever I go.”

The Magician

Angel of Magic Keywords: Action, communication, work, creativity, skill, travel, willpower, wishes

The Magician, Angel of Magic, uses his charm to command the universe according to his will. With the four elements of nature, symbolised by the four suit symbols - Cup, Wand, Sword and Pentacle – he manifests his desires. The flow of energy around him signifies his ability to convert ideas into action. As number I, he has a singular mission: he acts as an individual, asserting his independence and uniqueness.

Meaning You’ll now see the impact of your dreams and wishes becoming reality. Take every opportunity to put theory into practice - so now is the time for adventures, travel, and new enterprises. This is an auspicious card for business ventures and creative projects, and the card can also show that technology will help these ideas take form: texts, emails and online messages propel you closer to your goal. You may also be inspired by a charming individual who weaves a little magic.

Angel Power Message Commit to what you want, then take action. You have everything you need to begin now.

“I am a powerful creator.”

Thank you for taking part on my weekly Tarot Course, I hope you have enjoyed it. Now it is time to put all your together and star to do readings for your family or friends. See you next week.

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