The messages of Feathers

The messages of Feathers

Seeing a feather is a message from your angels and spirit guides, letting you know they are around and looking out for you, this is their way of sending you a direct message. Using feathers to communicate with you in regards to your life journey and how they think you're doing. Here is a breakdown of what each colour combination on a single feather means:

Black and White - They recognise your struggle and are aware of your inner conflict or tension that have arisen within relationships. Times may appear bleak but have faith in the fact they are trying to help you. This is a clear message to stay strong - conflicts are going to settle and the time of peace is coming.

Brown and white - You are fully protected from harm and are well protected by your spirit guides and angels. Your wellness is confirmed. Brown is the colour of the ground and reminds you to reconnect with your roots. 

Grey and white - You need to make decisions about your future - ask for guidance and help from others, you will be provided with sufficient answers. Take time to evaluate your situation and dont overthink. look for practicality and reason. 

Black, White and Blue - The guides are here to support you during this time of change. Transition is something that should not be feared, but welcomed as it shows opportunities for growth. 

Brown and Black  - You are within perfect balance as you are grounded in both realms, the psychical world and the realm of spirits. 


Always show gratitude for these signs, simply by saying thank you in your head or out loud. If you wish you can keep the feathers you find and place them around your home. This will tell your spirits and angel's you acknowledge their naturally beautiful and natural messages/gifts and are grateful for them. You can wash them with mild soap to remove any dirt and bacteria.


We may also often see a single White feather on the floor - this message is that your spirit guides are there and everything is okay.