Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra
The Throat Chakra is located in the centre of your throat  running from front to back. The colour that is associated with this Chakra is blue. The symbol attached is the symbol that represents the Throat.
This Chakra is connected to our throat, our ability to communicate with others, our ability to speak for ourselves, neck and our thyroid.
It is important that we ensure this Chakra (and all Chakras) are balanced. If any chakra is out of balance it can affect us physically, emotionally or spiritually. Whilst in balance it can:
Let us speak for ourselves
Communicate clearly
Express oneself
When it is out of balance it can give us:
Sore throat
Dental issues
Thyroid problems
Inability to communicate
Inability to speak up for ourselves
Neck problems
The Sanskrit name is Vishuddha.
Working with the Throat Chakra
Lay or sit comfortably
Close your eyes
Breathe in through your nose
Breathe our your mouth
Long, slow, deep breaths
Imagine roots going deep into the ground
They anchor you to this plane
Imagine  Blue energy coming up through the ground
Imagine a blue cone going out from the top of your belly in front and behind you ground
The energy slowly goes up your body encompassing you
Imagine the energy flowing through and around you
It is dispelling negativity and brings only good energy
Stay like this breathing long, slow, deep breaths for as long as you want
When you are ready imagine the energy slowly stopping
Focus on your breathing
Bring your awareness back into your body
When you are back into your body slowly wiggle your fingers and toes
When you are fully back into your body slowly open your eyes
Stay where you are for a few minutes
When you are ready slowly stand up
Working with your Throat Chakra you would be best suited to use blue crystals. Hold them in your hands carry them with you, wear jewellery with blue stones in, place them just below your belly button whilst you meditate.
Walking in nature or on grass without footwear helps ground you. Do it regularly to see the difference.