Today's Full Moon

Today's Full Moon

On today's Full Moon We will experience a passion-filled Full Moon in the sign of Leo. This Full Moon is one that will bring about heightened energy and courage and give us the initiative and strength to chase our greatest desires. This Leo Full Moon will ignite a fire in our souls and allow us to connect with our inner Sun, clearing away anything that seeks to dim our inner flame.

This is an incredibly strengthening and motivating Moon filled with incredible restorative energy. We will feel more connected to the present than ever before as we tune into the Full Moon’s energy and infuse it with our own. We are being supported in letting go of that which no longer serves us and that which seeks to weigh heavy on our soul.
This Full Moon is all about balance. By finding the balance between emotional sensitivity and pure bravado, we find harmony within ourselves and unleash our innate power.

The Universe is reaffirming that it is this balance within ourselves that is the key to having our greatest desires fulfilled and the key to manifesting our wildest dreams

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