Understanding Angel Numbers

Understanding Angel Numbers

Meaning of the numbers:

111 - Wish! Think of this number as the universe taking a screenshot of your mind, some people like to imagine their ultimate reality or make a wish when seeing this number. This is the number of manifestations. When you see this number, think about nothing but joy, happiness and love. 

222 - Attention! Bring your attention back to the present and trust that you are exactly where you need to be at the present time. Do not be hard on yourself and understand that progress points will come in time. Focus on what's the most important thing for you now to have your best possible future. 

333 - Action! This is a do number, it's time to start polishing off things in your life. Start that workout routine, create that vision board and stop procrastinating. Listen to their guidance and use their  messages to improve your own life. 

444 - Protection! This is a message from your guardian angels that you are safe, protected and being heard! They are letting you know that their angelic light is shining down brightly upon you and that they are surrounding you, you have their entire attention. 

555 - Divine Timing! Seeing this number means your life is about to change for the better, accept the closing of a chapter that is coming and embrace this change. There is no such thing as bad timing and this is coming to you when you are most ready. Trust yourself and trust in them, they are doing this for your greater good. 

666 - Reflect! This number is one of personal reflection, what do I need to do differently? This number comes to you as a reality check, reassess what is going on in your life for your own greater purpose, tune into your spirit. 

777 - Relax! This is a message to let go, you can not control everything in your life, let go of the past and release these anxieties, concentrate on the here and the now. Trust that everything is going to work out for you. 

888 - Well Done! 8 is the infinity symbol. This is a sign that you are going with the flow of the angel’s and their plans for your greatest reality, this is a well done message. 

999 - Great, What's next? The cycle of your situation is near completion for the greater good, this number shows you that what you’ve worked so hard for is going to bring rewards. However, it’s time to start improving your standards or looking to your next big goal or win.