Strength - Love is going quite well for you. If you currently have a relationship, it is strong, beneficial and mutually supportive. If you are searching for that special person, now is a great time to get out and meet people. Your self-confidence is high right now - get out there and mingle. Perhaps you will find yourself pleasantly surprised with the results.


Justice - If your long-term relationship is in question, this card usually signifies that you will soon separate. Otherwise, if you happen to be looking for love, a big commitment might be in your immediate path. Remain consistent regarding what you need in a relationship, and you will discover it a lot sooner.


The King of Pentacles - is very positive in love questions. A person might come to you and sweep you of your feet. Try to present your best self, but don't be fake. This person will adore you for you. Be very honest if you want it to work out. If you have a relationship, it might become more comfortable and fulfilling. If you are unhappy, though, you need to speak up if you want change. No one is a mind reader.



The Sun - Now is the time, if you happen to be committed, when both of you might need more space. Do not be needy, clingy or whiny right now. If you continue the search, it could be here for you soon.


Death - Receiving the Death card signifies the end of a particular chapter of your life and the beginning of something new. This doesn't have to be negative - it could signify positive changes. So long as you are accommodating and accepting of the changes that are coming your way, transition will be easy and pleasing. Putting up too many hurdles in your life is pointless as you'll only waste valuable time. Beware of a person who'll try and con you out of some money, or a possession that holds great importance.


The Wheel of Fortune - It is highly possible that your relationship is in dire need of a re-negotiation, or maybe it no longer suits you. If the relationship is committed, however, it is not yet doomed. You will have to take steps if you are to hold on. Discuss feelings - this is the best hope for survival. If you happen to be looking, first become extremely clear on who you want in your life, then put yourself out there - either online or through friends to find that person.



Two of Cups - indicates that things are going well in a close relationship. The devotion that you have for someone is being returned in the same way - leaving you feeling loved, content and secure. This is the perfect time to take your relationship to the next level. For a woman, now is the moment to break from tradition and offer a proposal of marriage. You will receive the answer that you seek. For a man, it's time to get on one knee and do the honourable thing!


Four of Cups - points to a truer love, a balance in your partnership, a great commitment, and everything that most people wish for in this area. This isn't indicative, though, that you can let loose and not care for the relationship. It simply means that solid bearings are there for true love to bloom. If you continue the search, this card signals that it is coming soon.


Judgement - If you are now with someone, this will be a period of making it or breaking it. At this time, be extremely clear regarding your life desires and what you need in relationships. Take the necessary steps to get those things. If you continue to look for love, then it may be coming in the very near future. You may, however, need to complete certain steps to assure that you do not jump to positive or negative conclusions about the person. Go slow and be steady.



Six of Cups - If you have a relationship right now, this card means that you need new focus on your future. Discuss your dreams and goals. Explore new hobbies. Do not get stuck where you are. Occasionally, this card means that a past lover will come back. Think over everything before rekindling anything. Ex partners are in the past for very good reasons.


The Hermit - Perhaps a past romance will come back for another try. Do you really want this? Romantic relationships don't seem to be top priority for you at this time. If you are telling yourself you truly want a relationship, evaluate your current behaviour. Is it in sync with these thoughts? For committed relationships, perhaps the two of you have been travelling separate directions for some time. Be sure to find some time to reconnect if you want to keep the relationship.


Page of Swords - There will be some mild conflict within your relationship. Make sure you understand when to back off and when to keep asking questions; some arguments just aren't worth it (just make sure you are getting respect). Give your partner tons of space. They need it to be happy. If you don't have a partner, make sure to get out there. You won't find someone if you hide in the house.

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