Valentines by Sheila

Valentines by Sheila

Hello All

February already. Wow! Someone has definitely hit the fast forward button this year. It’s all going crazily fast. I can’t keep up. February always heralds Valentine’s Day. Already the shops are festooned with exquisite treats to bestow upon your loved ones. I for one fully participate with heart shaped chocolate lollies, confetti, roses, the works. I love it. Any excuse to be OTT is always good.

We should all sit back and be grateful to have someone to share our life with anyway. Regardless of little ole Saint Valentine. Of course I’m a sucker for heart-shaped anything. Plus an excuse to eat chocolatey treats is always nice. I mean it’s rude not to!! 

If we’re going to take a theme and run with it, then why not this year show our gratitude as usual. Tell your nearest and dearest that you love and appreciate them. I’m talking everyone from friends, pets, family, as well as lovers or spouses.

How about doing something a little different this year and spread the love another way, Go to a local pet shelter and see if they have a day where you can just go play or cuddle the cats or dogs. Drop in on a lonely neighbour and offer a cup of tea. Give a homeless person some chocolate and a warm drink. I’m buying a couple baggies of heart shaped chocolate and I’m carrying them with me. On Feb 14th anyone I see sitting on concrete will be offered one. A tiny gesture that won’t change anything but it might just make someone smile. That’s what sharing love is really about isnt it?

I may even bake some heart shaped cookies and take them to the homeless shelter. After all a smile lightens your day and maybe, just maybe shines a little hope

Kind Regards