How is your life going?
How is your health?
What are you finances like?
Are your relationships enriching your life?
As we go through life we all have dreams. Dreams of being richer, meeting our soul mate, being financially abundant, writing a book, setting up a business, getting a promotion, being happy and the list goes on. Until we take action though they remain dreams. Dreams can become reality if we take action to bring them into life.
Be Clear
You must be very clear about what you want. So spend time thinking about what you want to have, be and do. Think of every aspect of your life. 
What things do you want to have? 
A big house? An expensive car? A particular painting?
What do you want to be?
A manager? An entrepreneur? Singer? Comedian? Confident? Healthy? Happy? Calm?
What do you want to do?
Write a play? Start Yoga? Visit beautiful places? Go outside your comfort zone?
Spend time thinking about this. What excites you? What makes you want to live life to the full? 
The First Step
Taking that first step is huge. It is the beginning of our journey. It is simple to do but seems so difficult. Getting the motivation is a massive job. If it wasn't we would all be slim, rich and loving life. What steps can you take to begin to experience and gain what you want? There is a first step you can take.
Reduce your sugar intake.
Join a gym.
Get travel brochures.
Find a teacher.
Start writing jokes.
Find people to support you.
Undertake a financial audit.
Get a financial planner.
All of these items are first steps. Some are bigger than others. Some are simple. They are all manageable. They are all things you can begin.
The Next Step/s
Once you have taken the first step you take the second step. Then the third and so on. It is said to take 21 days to create a habit. So imagine going for a walk every day for 21 days. Or writing every day for 21 days. Or consuming no sugar for 21 days. How empowering would that be. The first step is the hardest. It paves the way for further steps. 
We think about what we want frequently. So frequently that it can feel so real. We can picture ourselves slim, having a large bank balance, ready the letter confirming our promotion or whatever dreams we have. Until we take that first step they are visions. So when will you take that first step? January with your resolutions? Next month? Next week? Tomorrow? 
Why not today?
Why not now?
Begin now. Take that first step. Search for your teacher. Go to the gym. Go to your cupboard and get rid of those sugary foods. Start now. Do not waste time. You are doing this for you. We live in the present. Now is the time to begin.