Who are the Archangels and how can they help heal and guide me?

Who are the Archangels and how can they help heal and guide me?

Archangels are messengers of good, bringing loving light and warmth to all that ask for there help. They hear all the cries of the human kind and are here to help and guide us. Archangels we're created by God to be the most powerful beings in the universe, to help guide humans when they felt lost. 


Take your favourite orical cards and hold them in your hands, fill them with love, picture what love is to you and envision  this energy going into the cards. Allow your cards to be warmed by your hands. Enjoying this connection and taking your time, gently shuffle your cards. Prepare for your loving message and anticipate the clarity you are after. 

When you are ready ask your chosen archangel:

Archangel (name), what is it you would like me to know today?
Archangel (name), how can I bring your energy and qualities more powerfully into my life?

I have also given specific questions to the chosen archangels. 


Archangel Michael:

The Arcangel of courage and strength, offers protection to those who in need and those who feel the need to be protected from energies and fears. He helps with relationships, personal and spiritual development. Associated with the Root Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. 

Archangel Michael, how can I become braver and more courageous in my life?

Archangel Gabriel :

The Archangel of communication, helps you to speak up when needed and encourages you to speak your truth. Ask him for guidence when emotions are high and the time is needed to speak up. He helps with career and self belief. Associated with the Throat Chakra.

Archangel Gabriel, how can I develop a more satisfying and fulfilling career? 

Archangel Azreal:

The Archangel of patcience and comfort offers his love and understanding to those who are feeling sad, lossed or depressed. He offers serenity with the loss of a loved one. Assosicated with the Heart Chakra. 

Archangel Azreal, how can I learn to listen more clearly? 

Archangel Raphel:

The Archangel of wellbeing and health. Offering opportunities of personal growth through excerise and educating you in the ways of food nourishment. Ask him for guidance when you feel you need a energy pick me up, or even if you wish to be thankful. Helping in physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Associated with the heart chakra.

Archangel Raphael, how can I develop my healing abilities? 

Archangel Chamuel:

The archangel of love. Bringing more love and satisfaction into your life and allowing you to become more heart centred. You can call upon him to bring more love and laughter into th family unit. Helping with self love, relationships and attracting positivity. Associated with the sacral chakra. 

Archangel Chameul, how can I learn to love myself more? 

Archangel Zadkiel:

The archangel of abundance and joy, bringing beauty and light into everyone's lives. Helping you to manifest and change your life. He is associated with freeing you from negative traits and patterns of self criticism, he can renew your faith in the universe and provide infinite potivity. Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Archangel Zadkiel, how can I draw more positivity into my life? 

Archangel Metatron 

The archangel of action, inspiration and miracles. Helping to achieve balance in your life, you can call upon him when you feel overwhelmed. He can help organise, priorities and set into action as well as help with children. Motivating you to take action in your life. 

Archangel Metatron, how can I learn to take more positive actions in my life? 

You must first envision the beauty of their love, believe in their energy as they listen and show their support in return.

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