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Hi everyone, The winter is finally here and whilst everyone may feel gloomy as the cold weather sits. I feel the seasons changing, is a good time to recharge, heal and cleanse. I feel the energies need  shifting along with the seasons. It’s time to Spring clean in reverse. Think of this as an appropriate time to sage your home, get rid of any negative or bad energy and remove fear from our lives.

Nav's Crystal Corner

With the fresh scent of autumn in the air - and the evenings getting colder and darker - this is the perfect time to create a warm and welcoming energy in your home. Try these super-simple crystal tips to turn your home into an oasis of calm.

Daily Express Newspaper

So proud to appear in today’s Daily Express Newspaper on "can I really predict the future with an egg"

Colour Meanings

Colours typically manifest themselves in one of many colours of the rainbow. Depending on the colours that dominate, they can show important things about the people they surround and their frame of mind. Learning the meanings behind the different colours can give insight into personality traits.


I am so proud that Psychic Sisters are number 6 in ASOS Advent Calendar


Relax your body and mind, and leave all your worries behind, by trying these time-honoured crystal tips to leave you feeling calm, balanced and serene this month...


Hello everyone I always see September as the grand entrance of winter. The autumn for me, heralds a time to celebrate, its a little like you've had a marvellous holiday or even day out laughter full of drama and excitement.




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