Connecting to your Christmas Angels

I personally love the connection that I have with my Angels at Christmas. I feel that my Mum, Dad and brother Terry are my Angels and they are around me most days. But I personally feel their strength at this very important time of year. Especially now as this is a time where we all need that connection even more. Here are some easy ways to connect to yours. 


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Holland and Barrett

Such a proud day. I have just launched my wellness products on Holland and Barrett

Coping with Change

Coping with change can be difficult, so here are some simple steps to help you through this and what better time than during the beautiful month of November! Reminder: Don't stress the could haves, if it should happen, it would have.


See what this month has in store for you.


I am so proud to announce that Psychic Sisters products will be available very soon within  Boots stores and 

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Crystal of the week:

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Hi everyone, The winter is finally here and whilst everyone may feel gloomy as the cold weather sits. I feel the seasons changing, is a good time to recharge, heal and cleanse. I feel the energies need  shifting along with the seasons. It’s time to Spring clean in reverse. Think of this as an appropriate time to sage your home, get rid of any negative or bad energy and remove fear from our lives.

Nav's Crystal Corner

With the fresh scent of autumn in the air - and the evenings getting colder and darker - this is the perfect time to create a warm and welcoming energy in your home. Try these super-simple crystal tips to turn your home into an oasis of calm.

Psychic Sisters, London

We have different readers at our London Branch, all have there own unique specialities.

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Psychic Sisters are available for Face to Face Readings within Selfridges.

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Pretty Little Thing Launch

Jul 18, 2021

So proud to be launching Psychic Sisters products with Pretty Little Thing.

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