Amethyst & Quartz Roller
Amethyst & Quartz Roller
Amethyst & Quartz Roller
Amethyst & Quartz Roller
Amethyst & Quartz Roller

Amethyst & Quartz Roller

Price: £29.95

Psychic Sisters Gemstone facial roller has a dual-ended massage tool designed to help revitalise complexion, improve skin tone. It has been handmade from quality natural crystal. Your Gemstone Roller comes in a beautiful gift box. 

Amethyst Is extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Natural tranquilizer. Strong healing and cleansing powers and enhances spiritual awareness. Calms and synthesizes and aids transmission of neural signals through the brain. Clear Quartz helps to release toxins and stimulate acupressure points, improving skin's elasticity and eliminating the appearance of puffiness and fine lines to restore a smooth youthful glow.

What it does
Besides improving overall health and radiance of the skin, gemstone  rolling has a 


  • Helps improve skin toning 
  • Promotes a brighter complexion
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Improves elasticity of the skin

How to use

  • Start in the middle of the face and roll outwards across the cheeks.
  • Move to the eyebrows and roll upwards across the forehead.
  • Move below the lower lip and roll downward across the chin.


Simply use a gentle soap with warm water. Dry thoroughly. Gemstone face rollers are delicate, being made out of natural stone, so be sure to handle and store carefully, 


6'' long, 2.5-3'' wide​

Note: Due to natural formation of the stones, each tool will be unique and will vary in colour. Please take care when handling.