Price: £80.00

Aura drawings are a beautiful, visual way to be able to see what your energy is doing in any given moment and get an understanding of it!

Drawings are:

  • Digitally drawn
  • Sent to your inbox
  • Can also be downloaded and printed by you
  • Time, energy and love goes into each and every drawing
  • Mini write up included

The mini write ups are brilliant as they give you an understanding or the energy drawn in the image!

Aura drawings are one of my favourite sessions to do because its so nice for people to get something visual to be able to see their energy!

Its a great to see the colours surrounding you and gain understanding of what that means via the bonus mini write up!

Also due to them being digital it means that once I have a photo to work from, I can usually connect and draw your aura, write up about it and email it back to you within up to 48 hour, all you have to do (once you’ve booked and sent the photo) is keep an eye on your email.

What next 

Gabriella will contact you to arrange your appointment.