Crystal  Pendulum
Crystal  Pendulum
Crystal  Pendulum
Crystal  Pendulum
Crystal  Pendulum
Crystal  Pendulum
Crystal  Pendulum

Crystal Pendulum

Price: £25.00

Psychic Sisters beautiful Pendulums are hand carved from the highest quality Crystals. They come with a detachable Silver Chakra Bracelet. 

Pendulums can be used to answer YES or NO questions, balance and cleans your Aura and Chakras, healing your mind, body and soul.

    •    Red  - Root Chakra  - grounding, security, support, stability
    •    Orange - Sacral Chakra - New life, stimulates change
    •    Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra  - Clearing, healing, energy, Money
    •    Pink - Heart Chakra - love, relationships, hope
    •    Blue  - Throat Chakra - communication, expression, freedom
    •    Purple -  Third Eye - spiritual, calming, mind 
    •    Clear - Crown Chakra  - clarity, higher purpose, intuition 

Chakra Pendulum comes with Psychic Sisters Pouch.

Amethyst help you to awaken psychic abilities, helping you to recognise intuition & spiritual guidance. It calms and relieves mental stress, helping you to clear your mind and communicate with your Spirit Guides.

Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer, used to clear and activate the Heart Chakra for general well-being and emotional calm. It is also a powerful protector of the Heart Chakra, providing a shield to block entry from those who would “tap-in” and use the energy of another.

Black Onyx is truth-enhancing. A strongly protective crystal, it forms a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from yourself and the surrounding environment.

Rose Quartz will help you to connect to your emotions, helping you to heal the heart & in so doing, encourages romance & the ability to love. It helps with self-forgiveness, acceptance, self- trust & self-worth.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest spiritual crystal known to man, used by healers, priests and royalty, for power, wisdom and to stimulate psychic abilities and inner vision. It represents universal truth.

Tiger Eye can heal issues with self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creative energy. It can also be used to balance Yin and Yang energies. It assists in accomplishing goals, recognising inner resources and promoting clarity of intention.

Turquoise is the symbol of friendship and peace. It is a very personal and meaningful. Turquoise carries great wisdom of basic truth within it.