Price: £14.99

Oceanic Tarot

Pack infromation: Includes a full desk of 78 specially commissioned tarot cards and a 64-page illustrated book. Stunningly illustrated by Jane Delaford-Taylor under the direction of Jayne Wallace. The 68-page guidebook features in-depth messages and clear, accurate card spreads to help you to find answers to your desired question. 

  • Each card is rich in symbolism and clear in its design.
  • Guidebook consisting of in-depth card interpretation.
  • Related card spreads to questions.
  • The traditional major and minor arcana which have been translated into a magical world of mermen, mermaids and sea creatures.
  •  Overflowing the cards with there mermaid magic. 

Mer-people being omniscient teachers and guides, born in a watery world of magical mythology and powerful energyMermaids have long been the luscious messengers between the world of the Ocean and the world of Humans. Being loving, adventurous, kind, and daring, Mermaids can teach you ways to heal your past, love yourself more deeply, live authentically, embrace your creativity, and find your life purpose. When you connect with your Mermaids, you tap into the vast reservoir of the Feminine Divine, which in turn enhances your ability to draw love into your life, raise your self-esteem, create sensual bliss, and glow with health and attractive vitality.

A great tarot deck for beginners and for advanced.